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Conway Area Master Gardener Association

December Gardening Tips

Now you can prune grapevines and fruit trees.

Use greenery from your yard for holiday decorations, such  as Magnolia and other evergreen trees and shrubs.

Remember to keep the bird feeders full and if/when the water is frozen break the ice for them.

Refrigerate tulip bulbs until January.

Mow cool season grasses when it is needed.

It is still a good time to plant or move small trees and shrubs.

The ground isn’t frozen so you can still plant spring bulbs.

If ferns need dividing, December is a good month to do that.

Fertilizer winter annuals with complete fertilizer. (All three numbers the same.)

Make sure your plants are well mulched.

Monitor all plants for moisture.  Water if needed.

Sow seeds of gomphrena, Johnny-Jump-Ups, alyssum, calendulas, sweet peas and stocks in a prepared, sunny beds.

Winter pruning: begin remove damaged or unwanted branches and limbs.

You can still make herb vinegar for holiday gifts.  Use chives, garlic or any herbs still in  the garden.  Use 4 ounces of fresh herbs to 1 quart of wine vinegar.  Let infuse for at least 2  weeks. Put in a pretty bottle and you have a unique gift!

After the holidays, cut up your tree foliage and use it for extra protection for tender perennials.

Are your paper white narcissus and amaryllis growing – soon to bloom for the holidays?  Get them started soon, if you haven’t.

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