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November Garden Tips

Conway Area Master Gardener Association

Master Gardener Tips for November
*. Rake often to keep leaves and pine needles off grass. Use this yard waste to 
* Dig caladium and dahlias, store in a cool, dry area.
* Collect seeds from summer flowers and keep them in air-tight containers, like 
  old medicine bottles.
* You can now sow the seeds you collected from your spring flowers.
* Don’t forget to water at 1 inch a week, if it doesn’t rain.
* You can fertilize cool season grasses.
* Vegetable seeds can be planted now, such as onions and asparagus crowns.
* Spray fruit trees with a lime-sulfur spray to control leaf curl next spring.
* Crops such as carrots, turnips, radishes and beets may be left in the ground if heavily mulched and harvested on a continuing basis as needed.
* Fertilize camellias now..
* Check your shrubs for scale. Use dormant oil if needed. The shrubs to check are:  camellias, hollies, euonymus, azaleas and sasanquas. Spray when the temperature is  between 45 F and 85 F.
* Sow seeds of larkspur, poppies, forget-me-nots, bachelor buttons, sweet peas 
  and nasturtiums in prepared, sunny beds.
* Fertilize newly-planted pansy beds with 5-10-10 or a slow release

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