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Conway Area Master Gardener Association

July Gardening Tips

Keep pinching your mums back until the middle of August in order to have a beautiful fall show of flowers. A good height to keep them is 6-8 inches.

Now is a good time to divide iris.  But remember to do it early in the morning or late in the day.  You can also wait unit the weather is a little cooler. 

Keep the containers well watered.  By now you know which one dry out the soonest.  Ask a neighbor to water them when you go out of town or you will come back to very droopy to dead plants.

If water stands  in the container pots, empty them.  This is a great haven for mosquitoes.
Check houseplants that are on a summer vacation outside.  Make sure they are in a protected place from wind and strong sunlight.  Wind can shred leaves and sun can burn them.

Layering is another way to add plants to your garden.  Just bend a branch over and fasten it in the soft earch with a wire, brick or other object to hold it in place.  Don’t cut the branch from the plant yet. Cover and keep moist.  Roots will form in a month or so.  Then you can cut the new plant from the mother one.  Some of the plants that will do this are: verbena, euonymus, pachysandra, ivy Daphne, and climbingroses.

Keep deadheading your annuals to promote more flowering. 

Make sure you harvest your garden crops every 3-4 days.  This willkeep them producing and preventing the vegetables from getting too big and tough.

You can begin taking cuttings of the house plants you want to increaseto use as gifts or for your own satisfaction. Use a rooting hormone to encourage them to start. Plant in a good houseplant soil and keep moist. They will be ready to transplant and give as gifts in a few weeks.

If annuals are getting leggy, get brave and trim them back so they will again look good and keep blooming into the fall.