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Conway Area Master Gardener Association

August Gardening Tips

 Herb facts:

    Savory can be used as a salt substitute.
    Comfrey is great in the compost because its leaves are rich in     
    Herbs can be chopped up and frozen in ice cubes? 
    Just drop ice cubes into the soup or stew.

    Use perennial herbs directly from the plant all year. 

 Sedums are a reliable perennial..
 Fertilize and prune back roses for good fall color.

Iris can be divided now.  Cut back leaves to 6-8 inches, dig out the clump and hose away the dirt.  Using a sharp knife, cut rhizomes apart,leaving at least 1 fan of leaves, a few inches of healthy rhizome and plenty of well-developed roots.

Fertilize all warm season grasses (Bermuda, zoyziagrass, centipede,
St.Augustine) for the last time in mid-August.
Seed a fall crop of peas and spinach. And keep harvesting to allow the plants to keep producing.
Spread a mid season layer of compost, mulch or manure.
Collect seeds for next year’s crops and continue to take cuttings.   
Leave some seeds to self sow.
Continue to monitor for insects and diseases. Watch for mole crickets,  
lace bugs, whiteflies and chinch bugs.

Divide and replant overgrown and/or crowded daylilies and cannas.